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The Curse - Graphic Ballad

1st book to 'The Path of None'

release date - 3rd of June 2024

A 284-page graphic adaptation unfolds, brimming with vivid dark imagery, where Horrid Dark Fantasy entwines with Spirituality, blending gold with blood in prose and poetry, all ensconced in an utterly unique old-ballad-style narrative.

Behold the inaugural tome of the spiritual fantasy saga—'The Path of None': The Curse. A.G. ZoderoT's grimdark spiritual horror fantasy ballad opus

The Spiral

2nd book to 'The Path of None'

release date - 3rd of August 2024

As the sequel to the spiritual fantasy saga, 'The Path of None', 'The Spiral'emerges as A.G. ZoderoT's monumental masterpiece of spiritual adventure. Set in a world ancient yet unfamiliar, it chronicles the journey of Drakko. Torn willingly from his comfortable, tranquil existence, he answers the ineffable call of Truth, venturing eastward into uncharted territories where the mysteries of The Unknown await.

The Ascent

3rd book to 'The Path of None'

release date - 3rd of December 2024

A third addition to the spiritual fantasy chronicles, 'The Path of None', 'The Ascent'stands as A.G. ZoderoT's timeless classic of spiritual exploration. Enveloped in an ancient realm deeply rooted in spiritual essence, it narrates the journey of Drakko, who is born and nurtured within the sacred confines of a mystical monastery. Here, the young man undergoes a rigorous life replete with spiritual practice and devotion, culminating in a pivotal moment when he confronts the ultimate, ancient challenge - ascending the eternal sky-mountain.

Witness the unfolding of 'The Curse' saga, marking the fourth entry in the spiritual fantasy epoch—'The Path of None': The Curse II. Crafted by A.G. Zoderot, this grimdark spiritual horror fantasy unfolds in a realm that grows darker with each passing moment. It follows the foreboding journey of 'No-One,' an enigmatic presence whose long shadows stretch across the world, heralding the dawn of a dark era. Watch as the darkness envelops the realm, unleashing chaos and devastation upon 'the blind.' Follow the path of the 'One of Wrath' as his turmoil peaks in a crescendo of bloodlust, and observe as malevolent forces reach their grim fulfillment while the once vibrant flames slowly dim. And when darkness seeks to claim you too, when your vision blurs with blood, behold the tales of those defiant few who resist the encroaching night. Learn the fate of those who resist the inexorable march of destiny, those who stand convinced of their right to defy the formidable power of fate, and contemplate whether your defiance of what is truly yields fruitful consequences.



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The Curse, a Spiritual Horror Graphic Ballad

a Graphic Adaptation of 'The Curse' 

First released on KICKSTARTER the 1st of May 2024,

and the 2nd of June everywhere else (Amazon, Apple etc.)

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  • Chapters             -  95 % Done

  • Editing                - 10 % Done

currently the book is around 600+ pages

updated 24.5.2024

Also currently working on:

The Spiral

Epic Spiritual Fantasy Adventure

2nd book to Path of None


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Zoderot is a seeker, a creator, and above all, a humble student of life. The books created by his will sprang out of two passions: A passion for creating, living, exploring, and learning from the worlds beyond ours, and a passion for fully understanding oneself, being able to fully experience and live in ours. A passion, which if one hopes to fulfill, turned him into a seeker of truth, a spiritual practitioner, the one ever on the path... Studying spiritual science and martial science for endless years under his Guide, he decided to use his lifelong passion for creating and inhabiting 'fantasy worlds' to convey the messages, lessons, and wise words he received to inspire every reader that gets his hands upon his books to Self-recognition and to a start or hastened continuance of spiritual practice, whatever form it may have... He considers That - the truth of what we are and why we're here - to be the highest goal a human should tirelessly strive for...


Book Reviews

Kurt R.

I admire authors who take risks and in this case it is with a style that uses pastoral prose with poetry to portray a surrealistic and symbolistic vision. For those that have read E.T.A. Hoffman, Gustav Meyrin, Gerard de Nerval, Joris-Karl Huysmans etc.., this style will feel familiar. Its difficult reading but there are many layers to the story to unravel and esoteric teachings to discover for those that look deep enough.


Curse Drakko has an incredibly unique form of storytelling that has great characterization in the smallest moments!

This was not just a story--it was an experience from start to finish, and I mean that in the best way possible.I read this in one sitting. Although that was at around two in the morning (that's on me), I don't regret reading this. There's a lot to take in, especially with the writing style, but I think that's the beauty of it--I could go back and find new things I overlooked upon the first reading.(Update: there were indeed things I rediscovered upon another reading! There was foreshadowing that completely flew over my head. Well done :) )

The dialogue has a poetic rhyme scheme to it, and the bits of narration from Drakko's perspective are equally as detailed. To the fight to uncover the truth, to the conflict between Drakko and his brother, Garavan, there's not a dull moment.

Everything here drives the plot forward.When I was reading this, I could totally picture it as a stage play. It's not something I often see when reading (and more often, they're assigned readings for school), unless the story was specifically written as such, so this format was greatly welcomed to me personally.

This stands out in a refreshing way. I gave a visit to your website, which is really well put together! It was fascinating to read about your start with writing and the spiritual element that ties into it. You've put a lot of work into this and it pays off.

All in all, I'm looking forward to the rest of your stories and writings! This has inspired me to explore things in my own writing, as well as internally. Keep writing!!

Louise Broen Larsen

Mindful, twistedly mindless, with loving details of what is, and ever in search.

Andrei Morosan

From the moment I took a first glimpse at Alexander's writings in this short spanned masterpiece I said to him that this feels like Divine Comedy being written by Edgar Allan Poe. Not only was I not wrong but it exceeded my expectations. Prepare not only for a fantasy drama but for a timeless writing where I too shall concur with the author's words "read this as if You wrote it for Yourselves". Inspiring, thrilling, and thirsting for the Spiral of Drakko.

To my dear friend: If these are your humble beginnings the path that lays ahead of you shall be one that only bards and minstrels will be able to merely grasp in their chants of glory. As mere humans will only be able to fall short of seeing all the depths of your work.

Aquila Goh

This novel is concise and uses an epic, poetic style to deliver its contents. It covers the experience of a character who undergoes tribulation. He then introspects and reframes his situation to resolve the travails that he is going through.

There are some things that readers should note before they are too quick to judge this book. This book is not a typical plot-driven or adventure-driven novel. It is a moderately-paced introspective novel that I would classify as part literary, commercial, character-driven, and theme-driven. There are many esoteric teachings that deal with Eastern philosophy. It has many quotes and a similar writing style to the Tao De Ching. If one suspends judgment and reads between the lines deeper, one can understand themes such as:

1) If one cannot change the world, one must instead change one’s inner perspective to deal with troubles.
2) Reality cannot be named and must be experienced instead of merely understood.
3) Postponing judgment creates a sense of objectivity and detachment toward the cosmos, which helps one cope better.

The reader should pause and read the works very carefully. Many teachings may sound esoteric, but this is the nature of Eastern philosophy, which is full of paradoxes, such as how “the named that cannot be named is not the Tao,” etc. These are not nonsensical ramblings; instead, they cover the Eastern concept of non-dualism. Thus, I advise the reader to reflect on the metaphysical themes slowly and carefully instead of jumping to a conclusion.

The author has taken a brave step in writing using a poetic form, which follows a variation of some poetic meters. Many rhymes and alliterations give the book a textual beauty that one should slowly appreciate.

I gave a 4 out of 5-star review for the above-said reasons and felt it was a decent book worth reading and has philosophical depth. I did not give a 5 out of 5-star review because of minor structural issues. I also felt the main character could be a little stronger, but that is my subjective view. I have already provided constructive feedback to the author in private so that he may fix it either as an update or in his future novels.

Overall, it is a different reading experience with a uniquely creative and philosophical perspective that is still enjoyable.


A Visionary work!

This book is a fine piece of literature, from the suspenseful opening to the spiritual twist. The author gave the main character a great personality by infusing him with so much poetry. The dialogues remind me of Shakespeare; the archaic language confers reverence to the story, and indeed, the subject requires solemnity. A visionary work that leaves you pondering. Thank you for the final exercise!


Spoiler-free review😇

Wow, I have never read anything like this before. This was my first time reading a spiritual dark fantasy thriller, And let me tell you I am impressed. Personally, I’m more of a cliche romance reader, but I have always had an eye for poetry. What I love about ‘curse’ drakko is the talent of the author behind the words. Not many master writing poems that actually make sense to the story. I can only imagine how much time the author has spent on this book. You can really see the talent and the understanding of the art, in this book.

I am really impressed by the poems. It’s fantastic to see how the author has picked words that both fits to the story and that rhyme. I can clearly see the build up of the poem’s, how the ending words rhyme with each other. «The eyes of Ones do meet,as death comes in so sweet…The Wise one does not hate! Instead,He offers fate» I love this sentence! This book has an excellent use of literary devices.

If this sounds like a book in your lane, I would 100% recommend this unique book, written by this talented author!🥰


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